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We are a family of engineers, business developers, visionaries & changemakers. Diversity, equality & innovativeness are strong practices here. Our CEO Rafat Rahman encourages freedom of creativity & thinking outside the box. Everyone gets a say from decision making process to strategic execution. If you’re someone who has the creative drive to reach new heights, well then, you’re the one we are looking for.

As our CEO says, “Join our winning team to solve real life problems & be the Change maker of future”.

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Jr. Graphics Designer

Full Time1Merul Badda, Dhaka

Operations Manager - Call Center

Full Time1Dhaka

Operation Manager (AutoMobile)

Full Time1Dhaka

Sales Executive

Full Time1Dhaka

Field Officer

Full Time10Dhaka

Why Parking Koi?

Parking Koi is the new sheriff of the Start Up town here at Bangladesh. Just in 2019, Parking Koi, the Revenue first company, completed about 300 thousand parking with 60% recurring customers. The Seed Stars Champion has gained major traction in the global start up arena from big shot global venture capital firms & accelerator programs such as Startup Istanbul (top 100), Global Startup Summit region Asia (Champion), Accelerating Asia Flagship program & many more.

The company is currently valued at 15 crore BDT & aims to be a 100 crore BDT company within the next few years. Bottom line: The future for parking solution of Bangladesh, if not Global, is Parking Koi. Be a part of the Parking Revolution

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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to revolutionize the overall transportation industry of Bangladesh which aligns with the SDG goal 11 i.e. Sustainable Cities & Communities. 30% of Dhaka traffic is caused by Unplanned parking. Within 2027, Bangladesh is set to urbanize by 63.4% with marginal or no improvements in the parking scenario.

Welcoming the challenges ahead, Parking Koi is set to solve these traffic & parking problems & also help its stakeholders to live & earn better than before.

“Parking Koi is not just a company. It’s our dream come true. But we have still a lot more to do & a long way to go. With your support & allegiance we can ensure a better future for Bangladesh & park away the ever growing traffic problem once & for all”

Rafat Rahman
– CEO & Founder

What does Parking Koi Family believe in?

01. Fight for the Mission

We fight for the mission with our soldiers; the Parking Koi family of customers & employees; & dream of a Bangladesh where parking is easy, safe & cheap.

02. Family First

Parking Koi is more than a company. It is a growing family of 2 million people across the country. If you’re a part of this family then remember just as you love your vehicle like your own child, we excel at keeping that child safe from harms way with the most innovative parking & automotive solutions.

03. Empowering Entrepreneurship

Other than securing safe parking spots & providing automotive solutions, we are creating entrepreneurs in every home. You can earn from USD 2000-3500 i.e. 16000-24000 TK every month just renting out your parking space.

04. Change Maker

We believe we are the change maker Bangladesh needs to tackle the ever-growing traffic & parking problem. This company’s ongoing effort to solve these two major issues will impact both national & global economy. Our initiative will soon put Bangladesh’s Start Up success story on the global map.


You’re the visionaries whom we cherish & provide a playground for building the future. Here at Parking Koi, we not only strive for number crushing performances but also for a better tomorrow. To keep our future builders hearty & thirsty, Parking Koi offers attractive salary packages, flexible working hours, insurance plans & 2 times yearly bonuses. Moreover, to fuel a competitive working place we provide performance based additional bonuses & travel packages to the best performers. Aside from all that, Parking Koi is the best platform for self-development & learning.

Parking koi HQ

Holding No# 215
Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Ave, Merul Badda
Dhaka 1212