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Parking Koi”- is a mobile application and web platform which allows driver to find their nearest available parking slots to park their car. Our application will help every car owners of the city for not to park here and there unsafe and not to be the reason for creating traffic congestion.
Our Mission is to
- Ensure faster and smoother parking
- Safe and secured parking
- World class customer service
- Mostly, ensuring a safer road for everyone.

Parkingkoi made parking easy

Find Parking

- Search for nearby parking;

- Check provided details & tariffs;

-Find out the suitable one;

Get Entrance

- Select the preferred location
- Security Validation;
-Park in;

Easy Exit

- When your time expires;
- Pay the rent
- Ensure smooth exit to let the other in whoever in need.

We Provide

- Hourly Parking Facility - Monthly Parking Facility for 24 hrs.
- Monthly Parking for 12 hrs.
- Event Parking
- On Demand Parking
Also, overall parking solution.

Submit Your Parking Query

Let us know your parking demand with area and time.


You can easily earn a lucrative amount of money if you have:
- an empty/ vacant parking space
- underutilized/ limited used parking space
- Any open place under the sky with Parking Koi standard security
and service availability etc.
Than register with us and stay tuned for our all the latest updates. .

Earn Extra with 0 or No Effort

Private car parking spots are usually used for a specific hours of a day in a regular basis and left unused/vacant for rest of the time of a day. Parking Koi offers an effective and effortless way to generate more income from your those underutilized parking spaces, without any upfront costs or any other hidden charges or what so ever at all.

Full Your Place Your Choice

Parking Koi ensures the immense flexibility to the garage owner (host) over their place. Our Host can modify the space availability through our system in a real time manner. This flexibility is very useful for our host if there is any changes they need to make in terms of space availability to accommodate more Guest’s ( Car owner/driver) for parking in. Parking Koi only offers flexible contract, which can be adjusted anytime by our Host.

Why Parkingkoi?

-We are the digital parking pioneer;
-Wide range of parking space availability and increasing;
-Wide range of customer platform and increasing;
-A very user friendly interfaced mobile apps;
-We ensure our customer a higher satisfaction rate;


any question or queries contact

how you can find parking?

Step 1: Open the app;
Step 2: Search nearby available parking places by default within 3km;
Step 3: Select a place and check the given details;
Step 4: Click on direction and get directed accurately to your selected parking space;


It is mandatory to check the “Settings” option when to add any place by Garage Owner/Host. For example: If any Host wants to have Guest’s NID or Vehicle Number than they should tick on YES from the list in Settings. Same to follow for the other segmentation as well.

My park

Basically, its parking history. Where our users can find places they parked their car, number of their parking made, length of stay, spent for parking charge. Which will allow users to track and reconcile their information needed.

My Place

From my place, any of our Host can control their place. Like, our host can decrease also increase the number of parking space availability in his/her place. Any types of editing about the place details can be done by Host’s from this section.

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